Friday, 3 September 2010

My Life:Yorgurt Cup

Who'd of thought that my furthest back memory was about a yorgurt cup.Cometo think about it i dont even like yorgurt that much! But back then it was a very big deal , nobody would touch my yorgurt.

10 April 2000- i am two years old and i have come to visit my new brother whose name was currently called 'Blank' but in my language 'Blaa'. Once we entered the room of which my mother was sleeping, sprawled on the bed, my dad gave me my apricot yorgurt cup[part of the three-yorgurts-a-day ditet i was trying]. However my one year old brother was stuck with strawberry flavourthe worst of them all. My heart was cold much like itis now, so i gloated the best a two year old could gloat- by spreading yorgurt all over my mouth.

i carefully placed my yorgurt on the table beside the door and went to see my brother. At that time inmy lifei didnt realise that babieswere alive ( i thought they turned alive when they were two)so i was proding at 'Blank' like he was spotted jelly.

So after i had examined my new bro i went to retrieve my sacred yorgurt and *GASP*. there in the place of where my yorgurt should be was my one year old brother gulping down MY yorgurt!And so that is how me and my brother's hate relationship started- a yorgurt cup!


Thursday, 2 September 2010

First day of BLOGGING

Well, hello! You have entered the best blog on the internet (or what i hope will be). This blog will be about anything but nothing. For now i will be starting a series on My Life. This will carry on for a couple of weeks when i will be starting a new series.Hopefully i willl be posting a blog every day until my indolence catches up[which wont be long].

Also if my blog starts to get a bit tedious then just say and hopefully it will improve. Also if you guys want i can use this thing as a little ask auntie kinda thing and ill give my best opinion.